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Discover the Diamond Difference

Diamond Mowers is the leader in roadside vegetation management, offering a full-line of industrial mowers, including; Boom Mowers, Excavator Mowers, Skidsteer Mowers, Rotary Mowers, Flail Mowers and Saw Head attachments. 

diamond boom mower

Boom Mowers

Available from 23' all the way to 30'

When coupled with the Challenger 500 Series tractor, Diamond Boom Mowers offer 12 inches of clearance - nearly three times the clearance of the competition.

Utilizes a tire-mounted counter-weight to absorb the shock, competitors' products utilize an all steel frame counter-weight.

Utilizes steel lines in, where feasible, in place of traditional rubber hydraulic hoses to reduce maintenance cost, better manage routing and dissipate heat more efficiently.

A Tri-hex Carrier rotates at 1,750 rpm, equating to 5,250 cutting strokes per minute. 

Diamond excavator boom mower

Excavator Mowers

Diamond's Rotary Excavator Cutter Heads come in 4 sizes, 50",60″ and 72″ for the larger brush and 40" for a mini excavator.

diamond skidsteer mower

Skidsteer Mowers

Self-propelled, hydraulically-driven, front-mounted rotary and flail mowers that mow in front of the front tires or tracks. Built with quick-detach design mounting brackets, making them easy to attach and remove.

diamond side mount rotary mower

Side Mount Rotary Mowers

Slicing through the toughest jobs. Available in both 60 and 72 inch cutting widths, Side Rotary Mowers are self-propelled, hydraulically driven, side mounted, Rotary mowers which mow forward and right of the right rear tire.

Diamond Boom Flail

Flail Mowers

The flail head is the most versatile cutting head on the market.Flail heads have the capability to handle heavy brush and still give you that back yard manicured look. Both heavy and standard duty Side Flails are self-propelled, hydraulically driven, side mounted, which mow forward and right of the right rear tire.

Heavy Duty and Standard Duty Rear PTO Flail Mowers are self-propelled, mechanically driven, rear mounted, which mow behind the tractors rear tires. Rear Flail Mowers come complete with all mounting hardware; ready to mount to tractor.

diamond sawblade attachment

Saw Heads

Tackle brush, bramble and branches with our heavy-duty 50″ Saw Blade Head. It attaches to any lenghth Diamond Mowers boom.

Single saw boom head that is hydraulically driven, attached to boom arm, mows forward and right of the rear tire Cutting width of 48″.



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