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Reliable Running Sprayers for Dependable Outcomes

Fields don't forgive. When you're applying thousands of acres, with unpredictable weather and a short window of opportunity, you've got to make every minute count. The drive package gives you more horsepower than ever before and matches it to payload capacity, so you get more consistent field and road speeds with far greater fuel efficiency. With easy serviceability, large product tanks, a one-level catwalk and outstanding visibility, it's no wonder RoGator is the choice of nearly every professional applicator in the nation.

Combo Systems for Multi-Season Use

With the RG1100 and RG1300 models, you can switch from liquid application to dry fertilizer application in less than a day's time, enabling you to maximize your investment with multi-season use.

Our customers tell us there is no sprayer like a RoGator - they live up to what every pro expects: They're easy to run, they've got superior power and reliability and their smart technology turns brawn into brains.


Model Engine HP Application Options
RG900 AGCO Power 8.4 Tier 4i 280 900 gal Stainless Steel Tank
RG1100 AGCO Power 8.4 Tier 4i 311 Liquid: 1100 gal Stainless Steel Tank
Dry: 258 ft3 New Leader Spinner
RG1300 AGCO Power 8.4 Tier 4i 339 Liquid: 1100 gal Stainless Steel Tank
Dry: 167 ft3 AirMax Pneumatic Spreader
Dry: 258 ft3 New Leader Spinner
Dry: 299 ft3 MultiApplier


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